Webbing 'Padder'


A lightweight extra piece of padding that you can add to the back of your webbing for extra comfort.  Often needed if you lose weight and your webbing no longer fits as well, to fill in extra space for when not wearing body armour, or simply for added comfort.

Made from 'Spacetec' spacer fabric, which is lightweight, yet it doesn't hold water, is crush resistant, and allows air to flow freely through it.  See photo for close up of material used.  The material is specifically chosen as the air flow helps to prevent prickly heat.

Requires no complicated fixing - simply slip the metal D's (that your yoke attaches to) through the loops and it's ready to use.  Also has 'slots' so you can add extra foam inserts to it if you require (though this is not normally required!).  Strong studs are used to keep in place.

Available in Small, Medium, Large - to conform to our webbing sizes see webbing sizing.  Please note you must buy a padder the same size as your webbing so that the loops align with the tabs on your webbing.

Available with olive binding, to match DPM webbing, or in neutral binding, to go with MTP compatible kit.  Mesh material is black with olive binding or tan with the neutral binding

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