Water Bottle attached to waist straps


To ensure you carry enough fluid and it is easy accessible to you we offer our own water bottles added to your Bergan .You can choose to have them permanently sewn on or removable. For the removable option please see bergan mods section .There are two types of closure  available for the pouch clips or Velcro. Most of our customers opt for Velcro as it is a much quicker and easier option for access.

When we sew water bottles on to the Bergan we fit them slightly higher up and at an angle, so that they don't rub on your legs or move about when you move.  You can either send us your own pouches or we can provide them.  Our pouches are actually made by us here, and are specially designed for the job so they don't cause rubbing.  Please choose appropriate option. If you have only one pouch to sew on please specify if you have a preference which side it goes on (left or right, as worn).

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