Snugpak Hammock Underblanket


Anyone who uses hammocks will know that the biggest problem in our climate is the windchill caused by the direct contact of your body to the hammock which compresses your clothes and sleeping bag. This makes for a very cold night! Many people use things such as sleepmats to get around this but this can be rather fiddly.

The Underblanket fits outside your hammock and keeps out the cold without slipping out or digging in anywhere!

Suitable for most hammocks including Nomads Lands, DD and Hennesy.

Weight: 1320g
Outer: Paratex Light
Insulation: Softie Premier
Colour: Olive
Made in the UK

Underblanket Instructions
To use this successfully you have to remember that compressed insulation is NO insulation.
You will find 4 shock cords at each end of the under blanket. Take one of the middle ones and tie both ends to the loop on the blanket. This will form a loop at the other end of the cord. This loop is then fitted to the hammock carabineer. This can be done with a mini carabineer. Do the same with the other middle cord. You now have a cord at either side coming out of the side of the blanket. Tie a mini carabineer to the end of this cord. Pass the end through the loop on the corner of the blanket, through the Prussic Loop (on the ridgeline), then clip onto the loop at the other side. Do the same with the other cord on the opposite side.
Do the same with the cords at the other end of the blanket.
Now climb into the hammock and feel underneath you, between the hammock and the blanket, it should be “Snug” not tight. To raise the sides of the blanket there are two cord grips in the centre of each side. Just pull the cord through the tensioner. This is best done while in the hammock.
One final note. The shock cords are there to support the under blanket. NOT YOU. Never replace the cords with paracord or similar, as they will not give like shockcord.
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