Gull Wing


The Gullwing  has been designed  to provide comfort and support around the hips. Similar to the padded styles seen on civilian Rucksacks. It has been made to IRR standard and meets military specification. It is made using a Space-Tec fabric which improves air flow and  prevents prickly heat.

The Gullwing has been tested by professionals and proven to transfer approx 40%of the weight off your shoulders and onto your hips. Particularly beneficial to those who suffer with bergan rub against the hips. The GullWing comes with a standard clip, however you do have the option to upgrade to a cobra buckle or GT cobra buckle at an added cost
 Please note
The Gull Wing Can only be fitted to a long back bergan and if you select to have water bottles added on they need to be stitched. We cannot fit removable water bottles to a GullWing

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