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Convert your webbing to ours

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Change ammo to velcro
Size of Hippo Pad
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We can convert your current webbing so it is sewn on to a hippo pad, like our ones.  The price includes;

  • The hippo pad, complete with roll pin buckle and treglider (a quick release and/or deadlock combination).
  • All pouches 'clean backed' and securely sewn on.
  • Bayonet loops added.

Please choose what size hippo pad you require; Small (27.5"), Medium (30")  or Large (32").  Smaller or larger sizes are available- ring us for this option.  Please note, this is the length of the hippo pad itself, not your waist measurement.  Again, ring us if you're unsure what size you need.

If you want velcro added to your double ammo pouch(es) you can select this option below.  We can do all other alterations including;

  • Change clips to male/female type, or one-handed type (£3.50 per pouch);
  • add extra pouches e.g. smoke, frag, FFD, cam cream holder (£11 each).

If you require these or any other alterations it is better to ring/email us as we are limited as to what we are offer online.   01874 638091  or