Commanders Webbing

Commanders Webbing

The following comes as standard:

  • 1 double ammo pouch, Deluxe Command pouch, and 3 or 4 Utility pouches
  •   Double ammo pouch comes with velcro as standard, all utility / water pouches come with quick -release clips.

Optional extras, all at £12 each except where marked:

  • Smoke Grenade (which also fits a Thermal Mug just perfectly!).  This is attached between the 1st and 2nd pouches on the right (so you don't lie on it when in prone position).
  • Triple mag; lies flat against a utility but will extend out to take either 2 or 3 mags (£16) (Pic 4) 
  • Frag grenade.
  • Leatherman pouch.  This will be added to the side of a utility pouch(usually the command pouch )unless you contact us to say otherwise. If you have 2 double ammos or a triple mag pouch please let us know where you want your leatherman pouch.
  • FFD (new, larger style).
  • Elastic - on lids (for camoflage).  These are individually added to each pouch in a way that you can replace them.   Please note this is not one large piece of elastic all the way round the pouches - this type isn't required with our webbing as the pouches are securely sewn on to the hippo pad.
  • Helmet Hook (£5).
  • Bowman Lid. (Pictured 2) - you can still use the pouch as a regular utility when not using a Bowman.  The design allows the antenna to stick out whilst the lid is still closed.
  • One-handed clips put on the Utility/Water pouches.  NB;  One handed clips are very convenient and good quality, but not quite as resilient to abuse as the regular quick release type!  We advise buying spare one-handed clips so you can replace them in the field should one become damaged.  You can select this option below.
  • KDU Pouch. (Picture 3) - this is removable for when you are not using a Bowman.
    • Cobra buckle - (Picture 5) a new quick-release buckle option.  See seperate item for more info on this.

Will be sent by Courier due to value.  Please note this requires a signature so bear this in mind when entering a delivery address.  Please ensure contact number is given in case of queries.

Please note pics taken in DPM as example of what extras look like - they will be made in MTP compatible colour for your order.  Also, webbing in main pic has smoke and frag added as an example - this does NOT come as standard.

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