Boresnake 'Viper' Rifle Cleaner


How do you top Hoppe's Boresnake, already the handiest, fastest borecleaner ever?   With the new Boresnake Viper.  It features 50% more scouring power, a cone-shaped bore-guide for quicker, easier alignment, and a dedicated lubrication zone in the handle.  One pass with the Boresnake Viper loosens large particles, scrubs out residue, and swabs your bore spotless. 

1.  Bore Brush embedded in the cord loosens hard deposits.
2.  First Floss Area removes foreign particles prior to the sdrubbing action of the brush.
3.  Main Floss area, with 160 times more surface area than a patch, cleans like no other product.
4.  Brass weight slips easily through barrel.  Grasp and pull cleaning cord through bore.  Caliber or guage is stamped into the brass weight.

Hand washable. Available for .22 calibre, .223, and 5.56mm rifles.

Also available; M-Pro 7 Gun Oil and M-Pro 7 Gun Cleaner.

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