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Multicam Webbing, utility pouches and bespoke manufacturing
We have been designing and manufacturing specialist military kit for many years and as such our bespoke kit is very popular!  We have designed and manufactured our own sets of webbing, grab bags, and specialist pouches for years so they aren’t like anything you can buy elsewhere.  If you have a specific need for a particular product that you can’t buy off the shelf, we can design something to suit.  For example a pouch to accommodate a specific radio, or a bag that will do a specialist job, e.g. medical bag.

Please note product design and manufacturing is a time-consuming job and as such is not a cheap or quick option.  It can take many days of designing and manufacturing ‘prototypes’ before we get the finished article and this is where the cost comes in.  However if you need something you can’t buy off the shelf then this is a great facility.

Multicam Webbing

Our multicam webbing is one of our best sellers due to its sturdy construction, comfortable fit, and bespoke features.  Our customers love the fact they can design their own kit so it has exactly what they want, where they want it.  It featutes anti-rub corners and all the pouches can be individually removed and replaced with issued pouches should you damage one whilst in theatre.  It is designed to be functional, and comfortable.  See our online shop for more information and specifications.

Due to the success of our webbing we now have several other products which have stemmed from our webbing’s design.  These include;


Chest Rig Yoke

This combines the advantages of both the Chest Rig and a yoke; allows better weight distribution of your webbing, and allows you to carry extra kit in pouches on the chest rig.Also available in ‘jungle’ style which aids air circulation in hotter climates.

Utility Pouches

Long-standing favourites in the pouches section include;

Dump bag, Collapsible Dump bag (which rolls up out of the way when not in use), Triple Ammo pouches, Double & Triple Ammo leg drops, Minime and Command Pouches, as well as ‘stand-alone’ versions of all the usual smokes, frags, FFD pouches etc.  See our shop for all the different options.

Needless to say we only use material to MOD specification or higher, and all products are triple stitched for strength where feasible.  We know the abuse your kit (and you) have to endure so our products are designed to withstand the rigors of army work