Arms/Shoulder Straps Widened - Bergans only


New bergan arms fitted is a very popular choice amoungst our customers and something we would highly recommend having done. Standard issued bergans are great, however the arms can break down quite quickly and become hard and uncomfortable. Here at Dixies Corner we understand  the need for comfort, and the need to spread the load you are carrying evenly

Our arms have been tested over several years and have held the test of time well. Our customers often state the difference and benefits this modification has made to them and as such have rated them 5 star across several social media sites.
We stiffen and widen the arms to spread the weight over a wider area and keep them flatter. We use a high grade foam and only the best materials on the market to ensure comfort and durability all IRR standard and MOD spec. The price includes a chest strap to keep the arms 'in line'. which enables you to lock the load in across your chest or release as needed.

This alteration makes a massive difference to your comfort levels, and once done will last many years without needing any more done to it.


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