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Military supplies, alterations, MTP, webbing, kit, equipment, repairs

The kit you are issued with is functional and can serve you adequately out in the field, however we can improve your kit with just a few amendments, adaptations and repairs. Here at Dixies Corner we have a very busy workshop with experienced machinists who can tailor your kit to enable you to carry more kit, and most importantly make it more comfortable. When you’re comfortable you can concentrate on the job in hand!
A lot of thought, research and development over the years has resulted in our kit alterations being the most comfortable and effective they can be.
Below is a list of the most common alterations we are requested to do. For up to date prices see our online shop.


For comfort

Carry more Kit

· Widen and strengthen the shoulder straps · Add 3 Utility pouches across the bottom
· Back Protector Pad · Poncho pouch above the 3 Utilities
· Lumbar Back Pad or ‘Gul Wing’ · Water Bottle Pouches sewn on the waist straps
· Mesh pouches on the sides
· Floating Lid
· Lid Pouch



· Convert your Ammo
(and any other pouches) to Velcro.
· Compass Pocket
· Put on quick release, or one-handed clips. · Cuffs
· Convert your Webbing to ours
– i.e. sew it onto a hippo pad with roll pin belt.
· Fleece Handwarmer Pockets
· Provide a Webbing padder
for comfort, as a spacer device, and to prevent prickly heat.
· Map Pockets
Our qualified sewing machinist can also repair rips and tears to smocks and trousers and tailor items to fit. We are always happy to help and if we can we will.